Mothers are special aren’t they?  For some reason I found myself thinking, more than usual, about my mom on Mother’s Day yesterday, and remembering some very special things abut her.

My mom was the wife of a farmer and farm life wasn’t easy. She was a hard worker; not only in our home, but on the farm. She had “milk chores” every morning and drove tractor for my dad in the heat of the summer. For many years we didn’t have all the modern conveniences, including running water (which made wash day an all day chore), nor an indoor bathroom facility. But Mom never complained. She loved her family and always left a note on the counter telling us kids what field she was in, if she wasn’t home when we returned from school, so we could run and find her. How I miss her hugs!

So, this is a little picture of my mom. What about yours? Have you been flooded with wonderful memories of your mom? I hope each of you will cherish your thoughts and/or memories and always give honor and respect to the one God chose as your mother.

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  1. Deborah Smith

    I remember your mom so well. Loved watching her play the organ in church, she made the best hot cocoa, and her laugh. She was most definately a hard worker, a very special lady.❤

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