Thankful for a Scar

A devotion I read recently on scars prompted me to write this blog. Having gone through a heart attack and open heart surgery has left me with a scar right over my heart. I’m thankful for that scar for two reasons: #1- it reminds me of how God was watching over me and spared my life and of doctors who help me. #2- is the most important. As it’s right over my heart I’m reminded what it cost the Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse my heart from sin; the scars that He bore to suffer and die so that I could be forgiven and become His child.

Some of you may remember this little chorus:

The Wordless Book Song (Used with the colors black, red, white, gold)

My heart was black with sin.

Until the Savior came in.

His precious blood I know

Has washed it white as snow.

And in God’s Word I’m told

I’ll walk the streets of gold.

Oh, wonderful, wonderful day

He washed my sins away.

Has God washed your sins way? Read the Word of God (start in the Gospel of John). Jesus’ scars will tell the whole story.

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