Easily Deceived

While a passenger in my daughter’s car, I remarked, “What a pretty pond,” as we drove past. There was a lovely fountain with 2 white swans in front of it. On our return trip, again going past the pond, I remarked, “Oh, look, those two swans are right in front of the fountain again.” My daughter burst out laughing because she knew they were only fixed ornaments in the pond!

That same day we had come upon a truck carrying flowers. As we drove closer, I remarked, “Look at all those beautiful flowers packed in that truck.” They were layered in containers with a variety of colors and kinds on four shelves which looked to me were held in by a clear door on the back of the truck. Again, my daughter burst out laughing. “Mom, that’s only a picture!” Sure enough, as we got closer, I could see it covered the whole back of the truck – just a beautiful picture!

The laughs were on me.

Yes, we can laugh at little things like this, but as we continue walking down life’s highway we often encounter things that are “pleasant to the eye” but turn out to be something completely different from what we expected and and often we are drawn into it because it looks so good, and so inviting.

That’s what happened to Eve in the garden. I’m sure that fruit must have been beautiful to look at and Satan’s words only added to the temptation to eat it. Satan is still the deceiver and tempter and we need to be on guard. Not everything is what it looks to be. We need to use our “spiritual eyes” to discern good and evil and be alert to Satan’s tactics.

I John 2:16 “The lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world (Satan).

Always let the Word of God show you the truth and keep you from making wrong choices.

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