Unexpected Contacts

There’s nothing like an early morning walk, even if it is only on the streets of the city where I live. You just never know what you might see. Although the sun rises aren’t as brilliant as out in the country, they are still beautiful and who would think you could see deer in the city? At the end of one street where I walk, is a wooded area. I startled five deer (similar to the picture above) one morning and they quickly ran away,. However, the following morning, they had returned and as I approached, we had eye contact, their ears twitched, but they stood still as I talked softly to them, allowing me to enjoy their presence. They seemed to know I posed no threat to them.

Wouldn’t it be great if our interaction with people would be in a similar way , enjoying their presence and speaking in a fashion that would make them feel comfortable and loved.? I think there are a lot of lonely people walking around in their own “secluded woods,” wondering if anyone cares, and perhaps afraid of being hurt.

So, wherever you’re walking this week – among friends or relatives, or among strangers, I’m challenging you (me) to “read their faces” and be ready to be kind, gentle, and loving; ready to be a real friend to someone who needs a friend.

Scripture tells us in Eph. 4:32a to:

…”Be kind, tenderhearted…”

Also: love, gentleness, and goodness are a part of the fruit of the Spirit (how important in our relationships). See Gal. 5:22

Keep your eyes open; you may come across those contacts in the most unexpected places.

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