Under His Wings

I know going to the Scriptures will bring us the most peace, comfort and encouragement. But lately several old hymns have been coming to my mind which contain wonderful truths. “Under His Wings” is one of these. The last several days have been very unsettling for many. No one really knows what’s ahead for any of us. We need to remember that God is still on the thrown. He hasn’t changed and He never will and no matter what, we can continue to trust Him. Note some of words of this great hymn:

“Under His wings I am safely abiding, Tho’ the night deepens and tempests are wild, Still I can trust Him; I know He will keep me. He has redeemed me, and I am His child.

Under His wings–O what precious enjoyment! There will I hide till life’s trials are o’er; Sheltered, protected, no evil can harm me. Resting in Jesus, I’m safe evermore.

Chorus: Under His wings, under His wings, Who from His love can sever? Under His wings my soul shall abide, Safely abide forever.” (Verses 1,3)

The following verse from Scripture goes along with this hymn:

“He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shall you trust; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.” Psalm 91:4

The words of a hymn and the words of scripture–may you find peace in them today.

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