Roll it Over!

I find the Book of Psalms filled with so many good things that bless my heart. It is full of descriptive word and thoughts that tell me all about God’s character: who He is, what He’s like; what He does.

Chapter 22 grabbed my attention once again. It’s call “The Suffering Savior” chapter for a reason. It’s a prophetic look at what the Lord Jesus Christ would go through when He would give His life on the cross for our sins. It even describes how He would be mocked and scorned as He hung on the cross. Look at these sad words from verses 7 and 8:

“All they that see me laugh me to scorn; they shout out the lip; they shake their head, saying, ‘He trusted on the LORD that he would deliver him. Let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him.”

It may have appeared to those mockers that God didn’t care, that He couldn’t save Him; but we know better. He could have saved Him; however He had a bigger plan. He let His Son suffer and die; but then rise again, conquering both sin and death for you and me!

There’s one word in verse 8 that I want us to consider and take with us today – TRUST. In my marginal notes it means the same as faith, believe, signifies to take refuge, to lean on, to “roll on!” Isn’t that one interesting (to “roll on!”)? Does that make you think of the good old chorus, “Rolled Away?” (Rolled away, rolled away, rolled away, every burden of my heart rolled away). Isn’t that exactly what the Lord does? We can “roll” on God (cast on Him) all of our burdens, heartaches, trials, needs, worries, and fears. I want you to remember this as we venture into this new year and into all the unknowns. But remember this, too; as God the Father didn’t deliver (take away) Jesus’ suffering, He may not always take your burden away from you. He may have a bigger plan for you. However, He WILL take you through them.

I want to claim the above illustrated verse (Psalm 18:2) as my “go to verse” this year. (Take a look again). How can I not trust Him (“roll” on Him), call on Him for every situation in my life because of who He is and all that He is to me?

What do you need to “roll” on Him today?

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