Reach Out to Jesus

Are you in need for Jesus to do a work in your life – either physically or spiritually? Jesus wants you and I to exercise our faith; to grow our faith and trust Him. Check this out:

In a recent study of mine, I’ve looked at 2 people at opposite ends of a spectrum, so to speak: a woman at the bottom of the social ladder and a man at the top of the social ladder. (The story is in Mark, chapter 5.) Both had a need and both knew exactly where their need could be met.

We meet Jarius first; a ruler in a synogogue. His daughter was dying and he asked Jesus to come and lay hands on her and heal her. But he had to wait, as the woman had come on the scene. A crowd was following Jesus and she made her way to Him and touched Jesus’ garments and was healed immediately. Jesus, realizing what had happened tells her, “Your faith has made you whole – go in peace and be well.”

As Jarius is witnessing what happened, a messenger came and told him, “Your daughter is dead; why trouble Jesus any further?” But Jarius just saw what He had done for the woman and Jesus told Jarius, “Don’t be afraid; only believe.” It was time for Jarius to exercise more faith. The result – the young 12 year old girl was brought back to life. Hallelujah!

Whoever you are, wherever you are on the “so-called social ladder,” Jesus wants to do great things in your life, too. But faith is required to experience God’s awesome power. Faith is the foundation for everything we hope for. You know where your need can be met. Be like these two people and reach out to Jesus in faith. He’s reaching out to you.

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