Don’t Be Cast Down!

The sunshine was such a welcome sight Saturday morning after so many dark, cloudy days. It brought to my mind something my oldest grandson, Shane, (who has down syndrome) used to love to say to me—“Sunshine on my shoulder makes me,” and he would stop and wait for me to respond with, “Happy!” in a high squeaky voice.

Yes, we do love the sunshine, don’t we? We like it when everything seems to be “going our way.” The clouds are a different story. We don’t like our lives being interrupted with disappointments, heartaches, trials of any sort.

I pulled out a memory verse card of mine this week which has reminded me of some things and made me question some of my own attitudes and feelings. Psalm 42:11 asks:

“Why are you cast down, O my soul? and why are you disquieted (troubled) in me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise Him who is the health of my countenance and my God.”

Surely many, if not most, of us have been cast down (disheartened) because of recent events in our country which ultimately could affect our lives in one way or another. But look what the verse says—“Hope thou in God.” He’s the One on the throne. He’s the One in control. So rather than dwell on the negative and all the bad things or hard times we think we will be faced with, let’s do what the rest of the verse tells us: “for I shall yet praise Him.” In spite of everything this is what we need to do. WHY? The end of the verse even tells us that. He is the health of our countenance and our God. He doesn’t want us to go around sad faced, troubled, angry, or bitter. He is our God. He is our Hope. There is so much more to look forward to because of Who He is.

So, when you think of that little jingle today, think of it this way—

“SON shine on my shoulder makes me HAPPY!

Have a blessed day.

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