Back on the Shelf

Christmas is all over. The lights and the glitter, the holly and ivy, the songs on the radio; all done. We enjoyed them all for the season; they served their purpose. Now, what I dislike the most is taking down all the decorations, sorting and packing the totes and boxes and placing them back on the shelves for another year; only to wait ’til I decide to pull them out again.

I hope we don’t ever do that with the Lord. I hope we don’t “set Him on a shelf or put Him in a box” and only call on Him when we have a need or find ourselves in a difficult situation. However, we know Jesus can’t be “put in a box” except in our minds. He is present everywhere, and though we may ignore that fact, He is always with us waiting and longing for us to walk with Him every day.

My encouragement to you is to not only start your year out right, but continue through this year of 2022 beginning each day with opening your Bible, reading, studying and praying. Don’t think for a moment you that don’t need Him or feel that you can just “pull Him off the shelf” when it’s convenient for you or you need His help right away.

Christmas may be over, but the Jesus who was born on Christmas day so many years ago, is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will never fail you. Remember this as the new year has already begun. We don’t know what this year holds for us. But this I know, Jesus does know and holds the future in His hands and I also know that you and I need Jesus every day! Don’t set Him on the shelf in your mind.

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