Widows Workshop

There is LIFE After Death Workshop

(Living in Widowhood)

How do you go on living when your husband is taken from you and you wish you could die yourself?  Your life will never be the same; but God is the God of all comfort and wants us to live our life abundantly; even during the grieving process.  (John 10:10 is the theme verse) 

This workshop is not just for those who are already widows, but for those who would like to be able to minister to them or even receive helpful information for that day when they may join those ranks…because we never know when that loved one may be taken from us. 

Marlene Burling is available to speak to individual churches or combined churches for special meetings or for a special ladies morning/evening fellowship.  

 Marlene has been a widow since December 26, 2013.  Her husband was a pastor for 35 years.  They were married for 51 years.  They began their ministry as home missionaries and later served in 3 other regular church ministries.  Marlene has been active over the years teaching in Sunday School, Joy Clubs, and V.B.S.  She has been a youth leader and ladies’ Bible Study teacher and has been a speaker at ladies’ banquets and workshops at some ladies’ retreats. She has developed a workshop for widows (and other losses) called “There’s Life After Loss.”  She is the author of “Morning Walks with God” and “A Daily Walk with God.”    They each are a 365 day devotional.  Her desire is to bring glory to our amazing God and Savior Jesus Christ and to be an encouragement to believers, and to help those who aren’t, to realize that God is the only answer.