Just like a Plant

Thru the winter I keep a majority of my plants throughout my home. Two of my plants are hardy and can stay in the sunroom where I keep the temperature much lower. But this was the week for the big move! After spring cleaning my sunroom, one by one out came my variety of plants. Many had grown over the winter; several had dead leaves or stems that needed to be pulled. Some I will prune; and some I may repot as needed as they became rootbound. Water and feed after that and I can watch and enjoy my plants thru another season or two.

We are so much like plants. Some of us may be able to “winter thru” those hard months that are troublesome, while others of us may wither away. Perhaps we have gotten “rootbound” (stuck in our circumstances or sin and not growing in our faith). We need to be “pulled out,” shaken loose from whatever is holding us, and be “transplanted” in fresh, nourishing soil. Or, maybe we just need pruning! God often does that. He calls it chastening. We don’t like it; it isn’t pleasant; but God knows it’s often necessary if He wants to see fruit in our lives.

As with my plants that take work to keep them healthy and growing, so it is with our lives. We can do much on our own by simply feeding on the word of God and being cleansed by the the “living water.”

Even my plants need food. The most important “food” we can partake of is God’s Word. It has all the nourishment (fertilizer) we need. It is filled with peace, joy, comfort, hope, strength, forgiveness, instruction, and much much more. If you want to have a healthy, flourishing Christian life don’t neglect His Word.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and light unto my path.” Ps. 119:105

We have had a long hard winter (actually a long hard year). I hope you have weathered it well.

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