Diamonds in the Snow

The scene outside my dining room window last week after the snow fall was beautiful.  Of course most of us are tired of the cold and the storms, but I couldn’t help just being thankful for God’s beautiful creation and the thought of His pure holiness.

We, so often complain and are discontent with situations in our lives and we miss seeing God’s blessings that are all around us.  The glistening ice crystals covering the snow were an added blessing as they looked like diamonds sparkling in the sunshine.

So, in spite of the winds and storms in our lives, let’s look for our “diamonds in the snow!”  And remember, the blessings are only beginning in this lifetime.  Just think what lies ahead in eternity – how beautiful heaven must be!  And as the snow reminds us that  God is pure and holy, remember He also calls us to be the same.

“Be ye holy, for I am holy.”  I Pet. 1:16 

I want to live a holy life, and rather than complaining, be looking for those diamonds, don’t you?





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