Crisis Faith


I can’t stop thinking about the LYFE Women’s Conference and the lives that were touched through that ministry.  The letters stand for “Living Your Faith Everyday.”  I have to ask myself, “Do I (we) do that?” or is my (your) faith what I call a “crisis faith?”  Sometimes I’m afraid we’re guilty of living our life on our own when things are perhaps not throwing us a punch and we seem to think we can handle things our  own.  But then that BIG STORM hits us and we quickly cry out to God in faith and ask for His help.

Remember Jonah?  He ran from God and ended up in the belly of a great fish.  Crisis – big time!  Listen to what he said in chapter 2, verse 7.

“When my soul fainted within me, I remembered the Lord and my prayer came in to You; into Your holy temple.”

Is that what we do – run from God, but then when that “great fish” (whatever it might be) swallows us up – our crisis faith shows up and we cry out to God for His help?

Don’t wait until your heart faints before you act in faith; let it be a daily, moment by moment practice.   God is there for us in EVERY situation – big or small.

Live Your Faith Everyday!



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