God’s Mercy

Psalm 106 1

There are such treasures in the Book of Psalms.  I have been reading chapter by chapter, writing down descriptions of God – His characteristics and His dealing with mankind.  In chapter 106 the psalmist writes a confession of Israel’s unfaithfulness.

He admits they have sinned. vs. 6

They didn’t understand all of God’s wonders in Egypt. vs. 7

They didn’t remember the multitude of His mercies. vs. 7

They provoked Him at the Red Sea. vs.7

But the psalmist wrote:

“Nevertheless God saved them for His name’s sake, that He might make                          His mighty power to  be known.” vs. 8

It also says:

Many times He delivered them; but they provoked Him.. vs. 43

Nevertheless, He heard their cry. vs. 44

He remembered them.vs. 45

Isn’t that so like our great God?  We mess up time and time again  and even blatantly ignore or turn our backs on Him; YET He is always there with arms outstretched waiting to shower  us with His mercy and forgiveness for His name’s sake.

The psalmist began the chapter with:

“Praise the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good: for His mercy endures forever.” vs. 1

Shouldn’t we also praise and thank the Lord everyday because even when we “mess up” His mercy endures forever?






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