All Things–for Good

all things work together for good

Most of us probably know the verse, Rom. 8:28 –

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,  to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

We also know that all things are not good. Yet, God uses them in our life for His purpose.

Looking back at my own life for the past several years, I feel God has been preparing me through some NOT SO GOOD things, for a new ministry in my life. I recently completed some training to become what is called a doula.  It’s end of life ministry; in particular, connected with Crossroads House here in Batavia.  At Crossroads, residence are shown love and given comfort care as they come to the end of their lives.

God has brought me through the death of five of my loved ones and as care giver for three of these.  I see all of this as “working together for good,” and preparing me for this ministry at this time.  How can I say anything less than, “Use me, Lord” to minister to those at the end of their life, all for your glory?

In your own life, perhaps you are going through something that isn’t so good.  Just remember, even if it’s down the road, God may have something special ahead for you and use this “not so good thing” in your life for His glory.

Just be faithful.

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