A Reminder to Myself

He will not fail you

Have you ever been disappointed in yourself because you allowed yourself to get upset, become frustrated, worried, and even angry over a situation?  Recently this was me.  A situation arose and had  me to the point of absolutely not knowing what to do.  There was no solution in sight–nothing I could do about it.  I have to admit I lost it!  Not only was I upset because of the situation, but I became upset with myself.  Why was I acting like this?  Why was I worrying?  I had to give myself  “a talking to” and remind myself that God has never failed me.  He has brought me through a lot of difficult situations in the past and He is not about to forsake me now.  I just had to place all of this in God’s hands and trust Him to work out all of the details.  Things are still uncertain, but I know my God is in control.

“And the LORD, He it is that goes before you; He will be with you, He will not fail you; nor forsake you; fear not; neither be dismayed.”  Deut. 31:8

In this is my confidence and my peace.  Perhaps this is you also. Remind yourself of the same thing.

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