Walking in our Footsteps


Driving down a side street one day following a heavy snow storm we had, I saw a father walking with his young daughter.  He was slightly ahead of her and she was carefully following and stepping into her father’s foot prints.  He eye caught mine as we both smiled.  He seemed so proud and happy.

Isn’t that what our children do–Walk like we do?  We are examples and no matter what kind of foot prints we are leaving, they will do likewise.  So, let me encourage you to be careful how you walk and where you walk.

Paul, writing to the Philippians said in chapter 3:17

“Brethren, be followers of me…so as you have us for an example.”

He wasn’t boasting by any means; but he knew he followed the steps of his Savior and that’s what makes all the difference.

When we do that, it’s good to say to our children, “My child, follow me.  This is the way to walk.”

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