This God Abides in Me

I will praise

From the beginning His name is Elohim, the triune God.

He spoke and created the heavens and earth and by Him all things now consist.

Why should my heart fear when troubles arise–this God abides in me.

                    So, when I am weak and tired and worn, I will call on my Elohim–                                     the strong, faithful One.

Since He was able to create all that is and now holds all things together

with His Almighty hand,

Why should I fear or tremble within–this God abides with me.

“I will praise the name of God with a song and will magnify

Him with thanksgiving.”

Psalm 69:30

Remind yourself (as I am today) when life throws you some hard knocks, not to give up; but  continue to trust in the One who abides within.



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