The Right Connection

Jeremiah 33-3

Last week I had to purchase a new printer for my computer.  I had help in hooking it up and we thought everything was okay.  But it would only print intermittently, but most of the time not at all.  After three days of fighting with it, it was time to call for some “tech” help.  After three attempts to load the right program even the ‘techs’ were frustrated as a large X showed on the screen between pictures of the printer and computer indicating “failure to connect.”  It was only after turning it off and on (one more time) that something changed and everything came together and it worked.

Sometimes we try to do things on our own, relying on our own wisdom, strength and ability and it seems like a large X appears telling us this isn’t going good, it’s not going to work.  Perhaps it’s then we  realize we should have talked to the Lord first and asked for His wisdom, His direction and His strength and help.  He never places a red X between Him and us.  Our problem is we just need to remember to  call on Him first.  Prayer is our connecting source.  He’ll always hear and answer.

                  Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and             mighty things, which you know not.”  Jer. 33:3

Don’t wait to connect with the Lord.  Everything runs so much smoother when our prayer line is in use.

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