In All Kinds of Weather

mixed clouds

Driving home from an appointment one day last week I was awed by the picturesque sky.  From one horizon to the other the sky was filled with dark clouds in part of it, with rain falling from some, clear blue sky in other parts with majestic white billowy clouds, and then the sun’s rays were breaking through in parts of the dark clouds.  It was like an object lesson or picture of every single kind of thing that goes on in our lives.

We love the blue sky and sunshine when everything seems to be going good and we are filled with joy.  The dark clouds, however, come sometimes more often than we like. There are trials and heartaches along with the rain (tears) rolling down our cheeks.  But what I loved to think about most are the rays of sunshine breaking through those clouds.  That’s exactly what God does in our life.  Sometimes we can’t see Him or feel Him when we are surrounded by those clouds.  But in His time He breaks through, giving us that hope and peace and comfort that only He can bring.  It doesn’t matter, however, what the weather is like in our lives because He is always there.  We can trust Him in the dark as well as in the sunshine.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoices; and with my song will I praise Him. Ps. 28:7 

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