In some more of my cleaning and sorting, I came across a card with a little piece of a silver cord, with a knot in the center of it, glued to the paper.  It was to be a reminder of something special.

A knot can be a negative thing especially if one is found on a gold chain necklace.  But let’s think about a knot in a different way.  Relationships (marriage, friendships, or family) need to be bound together with a secure knot.  There’s an intertwining of lives, personalities, feelings and goals in these relationships.  When there is the right kind of knot, pulled tightly so it won’t come out, it doesn’t matter what kind of trials, or events of life that tug and pull on that relationship, that knot will not give way when tied tightly  and will survive the darkest hours.  Let me add one more thing.  A knot tied around the Lord Jesus Christ in the center makes it stronger.

Let me encourage you to check your knots and make sure they are not slipping.

“…a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”  Eccles. 4:12

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