Disciple Isn’t Fun

the Lord corrects those he loves

Parenting can be very challenging and even disheartening at times especially if a disobedient child doesn’t respond in a proper way to your corrective measures and continues to do the things he/she shouldn’t do.

What about us adults?  God’s Word says, “Whom the Lord loves, He chastens (corrects),” Heb. 12:6…”for our profit that we might be partakers of His holiness, ” vs. 10.  The writer of Hebrews also says it is not pleasant but “grievous, nevertheless afterward it produces the fruit of righteousness,” v. 11.   This does mean the one being chastened is willing to yield to the Lord and to what He is trying to do in  their life.

Not everyone will do this and the result is fellowship with the Lord is broken and hearts are hardened to the things of the Lord.

In the Old Testament in the book of Amos, God brought chastisement on  His people.  5 times Amos wrote, “Yet you have not returned to me, saith the LORD” 4:6-12.  In the following chapter, Amos admonishes the people 5 times using the words “seek Him.”  That’s what they needed to do and that is exactly what we need to do rather than resist the Lord; when all He wants is to develop holiness in our lives.

Praise the Lord when you feel you are being chastened.  It shows that He loves you! And shows that He wants more for your life.

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