Do You Need to Slow Down?

be still

For several years many of my wall pictures and plaques have been safely packed away waiting for the day they could once again adorn my walls.  That day has come and I have enjoyed finding the right place for each of them  Last week I came across one that I knew needed a special place.  It’s a framed verse; one that I want to be able to see often throughout my days.

“Be still and know that I am God”  Psalm 46:10

So, why do I need to be able to see this?

Too many times my days get filled up with “hurry up and do this or go there”  Or perhaps it’s just filled with the worries and concerns, the hurts and pain, the trials that seem overwhelming.  So as I see this verse my heart is calmed knowing that God is God, He is in control; I can be still and know I am in good hands and He is in control – not me. I just need to slow down; be still and trust Him..

Do you need to do the same thing?

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