Starting the Day

With God

“Good morning, Lord.  Together, there is nothing that is going to happen today that You and I can’t handle.”  Do you believe that?

Perhaps an even better statement to make is,”There is nothing God can’t handle today as I walk with Him, trust Him and obey.”  Wouldn’t this keep us from becoming: fearful, worrisome, fretful,  overwhelmed and frustrated?  There is nothing God cannot do!  He is our all-mighty God.  He knows what steps we are going to make today.

“You know my down sitting and my uprising, You understand my thought afar off. You compass my path and my lying down, and  are acquainted with all my ways.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high..”  Psalm 139:2,3,6

Walk with this wonderful God of ours today being ever so conscience of his presence.  He will never leave you alone.

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