Our Best Laid Plans

Fear not

God definitely had a sense of humor last weekend, while at the same time teaching me and driving some truths into my life once again when I spoke at a mother/daughter Royal Tea.  I had prepared a power point to go along with my talk, but when I arrived, met the pastor’s wife and followed her to the projector, it did’t take long to realize that my computer would not hook up to their projector system.  Plan A – down the tubes.  Plan B – not yet figured out!  However, I said, “Show me your kitchen” and as the clock was ticking, my wheels turning, and I was praying for wisdom; I grabbed 2 candlesticks and 2 candles; one to represent King Ahasuerus, and one to represent Queen Esther (I wound a homemade tiara from the decorations on the tables around it), a pepper shaker for Haman, a small white vase for Mordecai, and a tray for the kingdom. Each piece was all part of the allegory I used: each having a spiritual application.  Praise the Lord it came together, but not without some laughs!

God just showed me again how great He is and even when my well laid out plans fall apart, God doesn’t.  I may feel like I have to plan all the details in my life but they don’t always fall in line or aren’t always what God wants.  He can change my plans, and lead me into what He really wants for me.  I may think, “Why?” but He knows what’s best and will not fail me.

He calmed my spirit.  He showed me again when everything seems to be falling apart, He is there and He will help me through. He showed me, too, I can laugh when things don’t go like I think they should.  My world won’t end.  Plan “B” can often be better than Plan “A” especially when it’s God’s plan.  We have such an awesome God.

“Fear not; for I am with you; be not dismayed; for I am your God; I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”  Isa. 41:10.


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