An Adventure in Faith


Scripture: Psalm 56:3; II Tim. 1:7

At one time or another probably all of us have had some kind of fear.  It comes in all kinds of forms.  As a child, many of us were probably afraid of the dark and perhaps we still are.  We may be afraid of the following things:

>the dark >the future >the loss of health >the loss of a job >loss of finances >stock market crash >You fill in the blank_____________


I came across two acrostics I want to compare.  The first is for the word FEAR.

               F alse

               E vidence

               A ppearing

               R eal

Isn’t that exactly what fear is?  We (I) can imagine the worst scenario when there is absolutely NO evidence that something is going to happen; and yet to me it seems so real and I am sucked into believing this false premise that perhaps Satan has placed in my mind or I (myself) have allowed me to believe.


The second acrostics is for the word FAITH.

               F antastic

               A dventure

               I n

               T rusting

               H im

Satan loves to play games with our minds and he knows fear can be debilitating. Fear, if not dealt with can hinder our serving the Lord, and even paralyze us spiritually.  If we want to conquer fear there is one sure way to do it—faith in God; and what a wonderful adventure it will be as we trust Him to remove our fears from our hearts and lives.  There is NO fear that is too great for God to take away.

What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

Psalm 56:3

For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power,

and of love, and of a sound  mind.

II Tim. 1:7

 Whenever a fear raises its head, say “This is just one more adventure I can have with God as I see and trust Him to help me conquer another one of my fears.

Also remember from last week: we often go from one battle to another; it can be the same with our fears.  You may have victory over one fear today, but tomorrow another one may suddenly appear in your path.  Just keep these acrostics in your mind and remember:




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