It’s Not My Battle

Scripture:  II Chron. 20; Ex. 14:13-14; Ps. 46:10

We all know that the Christian life is not always “a walk in the park!”  It can be downright hard at times and feel like we are going from one battle into another; whether it’s against ourselves or other people or problems. There is an Old Testament story (one of my favorites) that gives us some steps we can take to help when our enemies (no matter who or what they may be) come against us.

Here’s the background:  King Jehoshaphat was one of the few godly kings of Judah.  II Chronicles records that Judah was about to be invaded by a great army consisting of 3 enemies:  the Moabites, Ammonites and Edomites.


Although Jehoshaphat was afraid, he knew where to turn—to the Lord.  He called for a fast throughout all Judah and when the people came together he stood before the congregation in Jerusalem in the house of the Lord. There he talked to the LORD God and reminded Him:

>He was ruler over all the kingdoms of the heathen

>He has power that no one is able to withstand

>He had driven out other enemies and given the land to His people Israel

>If evil came to them and they stood before His house and cried unto Him, He would hear and help.

Jehoshaphat then told God what the enemy was about to do and said:

> they had no strength to go against them

> they didn’t know what to do

> their eyes were upon Him for His direction.

These are the steps the king took:

1)  He identified the enemy (the battle)

2)  His fear needed to be overcome

3)  He remembered what God had done in the past.

4)  He recognized their weakness

5)  He looked to God for His strength and guidance

God answered Jehoshaphat and spoke to him through a Levite named Jahaziel, telling him not to be afraid of the enemy because “the battle is not yours, but God’s.”  The next day they were to “set themselves, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord”  (v. 17).  Jehoshaphat bowed his head and worshiped and praised the Lord and encouraged his people to believe in the Lord.  Singers were appointed to go before their army thanking God with, “Praise the Lord; for His mercy endures forever.”  At that point, victory was already theirs—the enemy was destroyed without them having to raise a weapon.


Whatever your battle is today, you can do the same thing:

  • Identify your enemy and your battle
  • Remember what God has done for you in the past
  • Admit your weakness
  • Trust God for His guidance and strength
  • Listen for His voice (through His word)

“Be still and know that I am God” Ps. 46:10

  • Worship Him, thank Him, and praise Him for victory that is coming

The important thing to remember is that “The battle is not ours, but God’s.”  We don’t have to TRY in our own strength to win any battle.  We need to “set ourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.



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