A New Way

Scripture:  John 10:10

Do you ever get discouraged with yourself or with others as you look around and see that you (they) are living defeated lives?  One moment up, the next down, either carrying a poor testimony or perhaps none at all; looking like they have lost their best friend.  Perhaps that is the key—their best Friend (whom they don’t even realize or recognize, has been tucked away in some corner only to be remembered at a convenient time).

I may sound like I’m coming down hard, but I fear we are running out of time.  Christ has given us a job to do which I’m afraid we are failing to do.  We are being watched—by other Christians and even more so by the world.  We can be an encouragement or discouragement to our fellow believers, and we can be a savor of life to the lost or a stumbling block that will keep them from coming to the Lord.  While there IS still time; what we need to show the world is that Christianity is something special; something to be desired above all else.  But first of all WE have got to believe that it is.

What I want to do over the next several weeks is to lay out some truths from God’s word that will help us to live as Christ wants us to.  We are living in the age of the New Testament; not the Old Testament.  When Christ came, lived on this earth, died on that cross for our sins and rose again, He opened up a new way for mankind.  Christianity is NOT a religion consisting of rules and regulations—it’s a LIFE!—Not a WAY of life; but “A LIFE!”  And that life is the Lord Jesus Christ!

We can’t look at Christianity as consisting of conduct—behave yourselves in a certain way; do this or that; show yourself as a good Christian by behaving like one.  All that does is substitute a “good life” for the Christian life.  For this week, I’d simply like to challenge and encourage you to take time to read John 14 and 15.  There is one SMALL word found 31 times in these 2 chapters that is significant to the Christian life and walk.  See if it “pops out” to you.  It will be an important part of next week’s study.


Christ came not only to give us eternal life but He wants us to live our life abundantly NOW.

The thief comes to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.  I have come that they may have life,                 and that they may have it more abundantly. 

John 10:10 

I’ll look forward to sharing more with you next week.

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