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     Marlene Burling, a resident in Batavia, NY, is a widow.  She was a pastor’s wife. She has 3 married children, 10 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. She has been a teacher of children, youth and ladies, and has been a speaker at ladies’ banquets and workshops.

    Marlene developed a workshop (after the loss of her husband and being caregiver for her in-laws until their home-going) titled, “There’s Life after Loss.” She presently co-leads “Grief Share” at her church for those who have suffered any kind of loss.  

    She began writing devotional thoughts on face book after the death of her husband which ultimately developed into her two 365 day devotionals.  She also writes a weekly blog on her web site (  Her writing’s are meant to encourage her readers to turn and trust in God each day as they journey down life’s path.


There is LIFE After Death Workshop (Living in Widowhood)

How do you go on living when your husband is taken from you and you wish you could die yourself? Your life will never be the same; but God is the God of all comfort and wants us to live our life abundantly; even during the grieving process. (John 10:10 is the theme verse)
This workshop is not just for those who are already widows, but for those who would like to be able to minister to them or even receive helpful information for that day when they may join those ranks…because we never know when that loved one may be taken from us. The principles used in this workshop can apply to any loss one may suffer.

Marlene Burling is available to speak to individual churches or combined churches for special meetings or for a special ladies morning/evening fellowship—even on other topics. She may be contacted through her e-mail address.


About the books

A Morning Walk with God

Daily Walks with God

This book is a 365 day devotional. Much of it is written from the author’s life experiences.  She uses relatable and practical examples in each day’s reading. You will find titles like:  “Manna in the Mailbox”, and “When the Can is Opened” on these one page devotions.   Metaphors and anecdotes are found throughout; along with sermonettes from Biblical characters and stories. Even some tasteful humor is included.

Each daily devotional is a short read to give its readers encouragement to keep walking with the Lord every day and to know that no matter what they are going through, they can be assured God loves them and will not fail them..

There is daily scripture included to support her thoughts for the day.  At the end of each devotional are three questions (the same each day throughout the year) which the reader can ponder throughout the day.

This is Marlene’s second book of 365 day devotionals.  It is written in similar style to her first book, “A Morning Walk with God” and are relatable and practical.  Since these are short (usually 1 page in length) it doesn’t take much time to start your day with a walk with God  and be encouraged for the rest of your day no matter what you may be going through.

Again, she uses illustrations from experiences in her own life and continues to use metaphors and anecdotes along with sermonettes from Biblical characters and stories. Even some tasteful humor is included. You will find titles like:  “Hefty or Wimpy?” or “A Mighty Fortress.”  Scripture is included in each day’s reading, and at the end is found a prayer that relates to the subject.

“Our God is a loving God and He will not fail you” is what Marlene’s wants her readers to realize as they begin their daily walk with God down the path of the rest of their lives.


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What People Say

“Morning Walks with God" is more than just another women’s devotional. It is the heartbeat of a woman with an authentic walk with God. Marlene Burling does not just go through the routine of having devotions, but lives out the valuable truths that she discovers in her daily time with the Lord and that are contained in this collection. She is a true blessing to the women in our church, and I know she will be an encouragement to the women who embrace this journey of spiritual growth with her.”
Dr. Donald A. Shirk
Senior Paster
“Within these pages, you will find encouragement that is personal, practical, and powerful. From her many years as a wife, mother, and pastor’s wife, Marlene has gained much wisdom and personal experience. This book is going to be a great tool to help you to grow in your own personal spiritual life.”
Michael J. Peck

Book Review

Marlene Burling

Morning Walks with God

Author Burling’s collection of Christian-themed devotional readings are designed to offer an attentive, prayerful focus of meditation for each day of the year. The opening segment for January 1 cites the difference between happiness and joyfulness:

Marlene Burling

Morning Walks with God

Author Marlene Burling’s Morning Walks with God is an inspirational, yet practical, read that would benefit any Christian’s life greatly.  Filled with small daily devotionals, one for every day of the year, it is a great introduction to truly live each day “walking with God” and the peace it brings.

Marlene Burling

A Daily Walk with God

A Christian writer offers her wisdom in the form of daily discourses. Her observations and advice center around the theme of taking a walk each day in which we try to see God’s purpose for us that day and in all the time we have on this earth.
Marlene Burling

A Daily Walk with God

A Daily Walk with God is the second book of devotionals from Marlene Burling who again provides a satisfying and inspiring follow-up to her Morning Walks with God which got its start as what the author refers to as mini-devotionals she wrote for Facebook.
Marlene Burling

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Morning Walks With God


  • Paperback: 378 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1645520773
  • ISBN-13: 978-1645520771

A Daily Walk with God


  • Paperback: 376 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1643140647
  • ISBN-13: 978-1643140643

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Marlene Burling has taken simple everyday experiences, objects, and Bible stories and written spiritual applications for daily encouragement. The Lord has helped her to see Him even in the smallest details of life as she walks with Him throughout the day. God has used these spiritual lessons in her life as part of the healing in her own grieving process after the loss of her husband, James Autry. They were married for fifty-one years. Her husband was a pastor for thirty-five years, and she faithfully served the Lord by his side in the four churches where God called them to serve. She has three married children, ten grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren